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The Armoury Boardgame is manufactured in the USA and could possibly incur import fees if shipped internationally. For shipments to the UK please factor a further £10-20 into the price listed on this site, this is to account for import fees. This does not affect the sale of shirts nor is an import fee applied to single purchases of The Masters Forge to the UK. Please make contact if you have any questions.



The Armoury is a turn-based, Bible teaching boardgame where players fulfil unique roles as they work together to defeat monsters to obtain epic quests!  


Teach the Bible!  
Encourage scripture memorisation!  
Encourage family devotions! 
Be fully adaptable to challenge player ability!    
Be a collaborative game that encourages teamwork and unity!  


60 - 120 Minutes  
3 - 7 Players  
12+ Age (can be catered to younger audiences)  
Pen & Paper (for the Game Master)  

Includes exclusive access to Game Master and Player Tools on this website. With features such as Video Timers, Game Master Questions and Flash Interactive Player Sheets.  




The Armoury Starter Kit
  • The Armoury Starter Kit
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The Armoury Starter Kit

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Includes helpful documents for The Armoury Boardgame and The Master's Forge Cardgame.

The Armoury

• Game Master Tally

• Setup Guide

• The Armour of God Key

• The Fruit of the Spirit Key

• The 10 Commandments Key

• The Quest Book

• Trade Info. Sheet

The Master's Forge

• The Master's Forge Rules

• The Master's Forge Tally

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The Facts of Acts Game Master Pack
  • The Facts of Acts Game Master Pack
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The Facts of Acts Game Master Pack

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This pack is intended to equip Christians in understanding 3 elements of the book of Acts using The Armoury.

1) Knowing the Passage

• Jesus Ascends

• Peter & John at the Temple

• Ananias & Sapphira

• Saul’s Conversion

• Paul in Athens

• Paul in Rome

2) Apologetics

• Baha’i & Feasts

• The Prosperity Gospel

• Jehovah’s Witnesses

• Suffering for Christ

• Racism

• Reasoning with Jews

3) Historical Information

• 7 Feasts of Israel

• History of Rome 1

• History of Rome 2

• Paul the Apostle

• Schools of Thought

• History of Rome 3

There are 6 Bible studies (including questions for individual games of The Armoury) in this pack.

This means a Game Master can use this material to run 6 games of The Armoury with new content from Acts each time.

This is an interactive .pdf document that will need the free program, Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and includes relevant website links.

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Desktop Wallpaper Pack
  • Desktop Wallpaper Pack
  • Desktop Wallpaper Pack
  • Desktop Wallpaper Pack
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Desktop Wallpaper Pack

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2133x1200 Desktop Wallpapers

  1. Anvil & Hammer Wallpaper
  2. Hit the Conscience Wallpaper
  3. Jesus is King Wallpaper
  4. Kill Sin Wallpaper
  5. Proverbs 12:18 Wallpaper
  6. Shiled of Faith Wallpaper
  7. The Armoury Wallpaper
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