Requirments player 01


One of these players will be the Game Master. The Game Master will ensure the smooth flow of the game as well as encourage players to remember the scripture and doctrine they are learning. 

Requirments time 01

1 - 2 HOURS

Time will vary depending on player ability.

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12 years and above is the recommended age however The Armoury is designed to be customisable. It is possible to play with younger audiences with adult supervision and question contextualisation.

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All players will need Bibles when playing.

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The Game Master will need to keep note of game specifics. A tally sheet is included in the Starter Kit download.

Note: Please note you will need an internet connection when the Game Master is accessing questions and timers on this site. Questions from this site are included in the Starter Kit.



Become stronger as you acquire the Armour of God by doing Attack, Defence, Utility, Gold Mine or Farm  
Bible challenges while working as a team to remove all the Health Points (HP) of the Boss to be rewarded with Quests.


Grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ in a fun and interactive way.

1. Appoint a Game Master. 
2. Set-up board and check all components

3. Each player does an Attack, Defence and Utility Card challenge.  
4. The Game Master allocates roles to players and gives out player sheets.
5. Players are represented on the board and start in The Armoury.
6. Players take turns moving and doing abilities.

7. Once the Boss is defeated, the Game Master hands out Quests to all players.


Once you are sure you have all the components set up the board as follows: 

Board for website 01


Board for website player sheet setup and deck location 01



Attach challenges grant Attack Points (ATP) used to do Attack Abilities. The Attack challenge deck incorporates the 10 Commandments.

Game Master Attack Questions are based on the law of God in general.


Defence challenges grant Defence Points (DFP) used to do Defence Abilities. The Defence challenge deck incorporates the Armour of God.

Game Master Defence Questions are based apologetics and learning the location of key doctrinal verses.


Utility challenges grant Utility Points (UTP) used to do Utility Abilities. The Utility challenge deck incorporates the Fruit of the Spirt.

Game Master Utility Questions are based on Bible book order.


Differ from regular Attack, Defence and Utility challenges in that they involve all players simultaneously.

Farm questions gm website 01
Farm questions gm website 3 01234 01

The Gold Mine questions are based on Bible comprehension and the Farm questions are based on team scripture memory. 

A player must land on the Gold Mine or Farm on the board to activate this challenge. Individual players are unable to do Gold Mine or Farm challenges consecutively. The player must alternate between the Gold Mine and Farm. This means that in the next turn after a Team challenge has been activated by that player they must move off the Gold Mine or Farm space.

Upon a successful Gold Mine challenge, all team players will be awarded an Armour Roll. Upon a successful Farm challenge, all team players will be awarded 5 ATP, DFP and UTP.


In the Armoury, there are 6 roles players can fulfill. They all have strengths and weaknesses of Attack, Defence or Utility.

Player class the armoury

Players do not select a role but rather are allocated one based on their successes or shortcomings. Roles of players complement each other so players must work as a team to defeat the Boss!   

In the beginning of the game each player will do an Attack, Defence and Utility challenge. The Game Master will add up the total points per player starting with the highest to the lowest score. Players should be allocated roles based on their 1st, 2nd and 3rd points.  

If the highest scoring player has equal ATP, DFP and UTP let them pick which role they want to play or give them an option.   

All role descriptions are found on the back of the Player Sheets. The Game Master will give each of the players their Player Board Marker.  Players will add their scored points to their Player Sheets by placing the Attack, Defence and Utility Tokens over the numbers to the left of the Player Sheet. 


Add up the combined Health Points of all the players and double it to determine the health points of the Boss. Divide the total health points into the Targets of the Boss (3). Keep a score of the total health points and track damage to the Boss as well as healing effects. 

Players end their turn by picking up a Boss Card. The effect of this card would be applied and carried over to the next turn of the player. This is how players receive Negative Effects and are damaged.

Boss Cards when picked up are discarded. Once all the cards in the Boss deck have been picked up all players suffer -1 Health Point and the discarded Boss Cards are shuffled and placed back on the board.


Players are represented on the board with their Player Board Marker. This shows the players health along with any positive or negative effects that are on them. The Game Master must ensure that these are always up to date as the game progresses as they allow other players to see who needs assistance. 

Player marker website 01 01


Players must work together to defeat the Boss by attacking it using their Abilities, reducing its health points to 0.   

The Bard and the Prophet cannot be played by themselves as neither of these classes have an attack ability and so would not be able to defeat the Boss. There must always be a player whose Primary Role or Secondary Role ability is attack. If the Bard or Prophet are the last players standing, the game will end unless the Prophet has unlocked his Special Ability. In this instance the game can continue until another player is raised or the Prophet falls in battle. 

You can read more about Player Roles here.


The order of player turns is determined by the player's allocated role. The sequence is as follows: 


2. BARD 






Players Follow this sequence on their turn: 

  1. Move and apply space position points.  
  2. Apply armour points  and attributes (if the player has obtained armour)   
  3. The player does one Attack, Defence, Utility, Gold Mine or Farm Card challenge.    
  4. Player applies points obtained from challenge to Player Sheet or Trades points and gains a Trade Benefit. 
  5. The player does Abilities. 
  6. The players picks up a Boss Card.   
  7. Commence next player's turn.
Player armour sheet website 01


As players progress through the game they will obtain armour and become stronger. All players have a 6 piece set of armour. Once this full set is unlocked they will be able to use their Special which is powered by their Weakness Points. Weakness Points are always shown by the Armour Roll ability.

Armour can be obtained by Armour Rolls. Armour Rolls are achieved by either getting 20 weakness points, successfully doing a Gold Mine group challenge or defeating a Boss target. For an Armour Roll, a die is rolled by the player to determine which piece they get. The effects of armour apply as soon as they are obtained. 

If a player rolls for a piece of armour that they have already obtained the player will receive a trade benefit: Might, Fortitude or Swiftness that is stated on the Player Sheet. (see trading challenge points).

The player would then represent this Armour on their Player Sheet by placing the item over the character to the right of the Player Points.


When players receive enough points from challenges, they can then do Abilities. Abilities take points but also grant points and other effects. Some Abilities are limited by Range.

Abilities website 01


Players are unable to exceed the 20 point limit of Attack, Defence or Utility points as shown to the left of the Player Sheet (e.g. 25 ATP). Neither are they able to fall below 0 Attack, Defence or Utility points into negative values (e.g. -5 ATP).  

If players exceed the limit of points they are encouraged to Trade newly scored points for Might, Fortitude or Swiftness.

Players can trade the points they gain through challenges. When a player does a challenge and they score 5 or more points, they can then trade 5 of those points to obtain a specific benefit depending on whether they have done an Attack, Defence or Utility challenge.

Note trading points for Might, Fortitude or Swiftness cannot be done from stored points. The trade must take place before points are awarded immediately after a challenge.

Might website 01


Grants an attack increase to the player. The next time they attack they will do an extra -1 Health Point reduction to the Boss.  

The Bard and Prophet can give Might to another player if they wish. 

Might can Stack. For example, if a player obtains Might and then later receives Might again without attacking the Boss in between, the next time they attack they will do an extra -2 health point reduction to the Boss. 

Fortitude the armoury 01


Grants a defence increases to the player. The player cannot lose health points on their current turn.

The Archer and Swordsman can give Fortitude to another player if they wish. 

Fortitude does not Stack.

Switftness the armoury 01


Grants a utility increase to the player. The player moves an extra space and can’t be stunned or slowed on their next turn. 

The Knight and Warrior can give Swiftness .to another player if they wish.  

Swiftness can Stack. For example if a player gains Swiftness and is awarded Swiftness again by the Knight or Warrior before their next turn they will move an extra 2 spaces.  



Some Player Roles can give Positive Effects to other players or to themselves via their Abilities. Positive Effects represent the player being strengthened in some way. When a positive effect from Player Abilities or challenge Trades are applied to a player, the Game Master or player themselves will represent this with a Token in the respected space on the Player Board Marker.

Attack positive effect the armoury


Used to show that the player has an Attack increase such as Might or will do damage next turn (Steady Aim - Archer ability).

This Token is also used on the Player Sheet to mark the amount of Attack Points the player has.

Defence positive effect the armoury


Used to show that the player has a Defence increase like Fortitude or the Knight's ability Godly Advice.

This Token is also used on the Player Sheet to mark the amount of Deffence Points the player has.

Utility positive effect the armoury


Used to show that the player has a Utility increase like Swiftness or the Bard's ability Psalm of the Swift.

This Token is also used on the Player Sheet to mark the amout of Utility Points the player has.

Health point the armoury


Used to show one Health Point of the Player (HP). Can also be used to show Health Points of the Boss if desired.

Healing over time positive effect the armoury


The player is being healed next turn (Ode of Encouragement - Bard Ability). Can also mark a general Positive Effect.

Gear positive effect the armoury


Represents a piece of armour that a player has obtained. It is placed over the number of an item of Armour obtained from an Armour Roll.


Positive effect turns the armoury

Used to demonstrate a Positive Effect lasting, 3, 2 and 1 turns.

Tick 01


Shown next to a Negative Effect on a Boss Card that notes that the effect can be removed by another player.


 Negative Effects represent the Boss attacking the team. When a Negative Effect from the Boss is applied to a player, the Game Master will represent this with a token in the respected space on the Player Board Marker. Some Player Roles can remove Negative Effects on players by Dispelling the effects. Other players can do abilities to prevent or reduce the likelihood of receiving Negative Effects.

Death effect the armoury

When a player loses all their Health Points they are out of the game.

They can only be revived by the Prophet’s special ability Lazarus. If all players fall in battle against the Boss, they will all start again in the Armoury with 0 Attack, Defence and Utility points.

Players keep the armour they obtained before they die, however the health points of the Boss are fully reset.

Damage over time the armoury


The player will take damage next turn. Can also mark a general Negative Effect.

Stun effect the armoury

Stun effects render the player useless on their turn. They cannot move, do any ability or do a challenge card. Players that are stunned must still pick up a Boss Card at the end of their turn. In Stun effects players still receive the benefits of their armour.

Slow effect the armoury

Slow effects reduce the movability of the player by subtracting one space move from their top movement speed.

Immobalize the armoury

Reduces the movability of the player completely. Players can still do challenges and abilities when immobilised.

Negative effects turns the armoury

Negative Effect lasting, 3, 2 and 1 turns.


Once all the Health Points of the Boss have been removed the players have won the game and defeated their foe! Players will receive a Quest as a reward. As a Game Master you must congratulate the team and encourage them to accept the challenge of a quest! 

Quests are challenges that are done outside of the game. They require a guarantor who will overlook the player's progress, holding them accountable and encouraging them to fulfil the quest's demands! 

Quests should be used as an incentive to reward continued study of the scriptures. Each quest has a rewards box. This has been left blank so that the Game Master can ascribe an appropriate reward for the player. 

Suggested Rewards 

  • + ATP, DFP or UTP when playing The Armoury next
  • Armour Roll before the game begins 
  • Ability to keep Armour obtained from a previous playthrough of The Armoury
  • Ability to play the same Player Role from a previous playthrough of The Armoury 
  • Ability to select a Player Role instead of one being allocated to the player
  • A treat the Player can enjoy when playing The Armoury next

Quests are included in the Starter Kit.

The Armoury Starter Kit.

Includes The Armoury Setup Guide, Game Master Tally Sheet, Deck Key, Quest Book and Trade Information Sheet.

See the store for tools and expansions for The Armoury!