The Armoury Bible Board Game Adventure

In the world of The Armoury, you and your friends must work together and put on the Armour of God to stand against the attacks of the Tentacled Creature of Disparage, a devilish foe who seeks your demise! 

As you and your team do various Bible challenges such as memorising scripture, reciting the 10 Commandments, finding Bible books and more, you will score Attack, Defence or Utility points to engage the Tentacled Creature of Disparage in battle. Help other players who are attacked by this evil creature and be awarded the Armour of God. 

All Bible challenges are done through a player called the Game Master who customises the Attack, Defence and Utility challenges in order to maximise your Bible learning! Once you and your team have successfully defeated the devilish Tentacled Creature of Disparage you will be awarded real-life Quests by the Game Master to continue the epic adventure and Bible learning away from the table.

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  • Teach the Bible and apologetics to all ages
  • Promote scripture memorisation
  • Encourage family devotions
  • Allow personal customisation
  • Develop teamwork
  • Be infinitely replayable


The Armoury Starter Kit.

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Watch the video tutorial, read the instructions and rules and become familiar with the game components and glossary.