1x Folding Board 
Cards (126) 
  29x Boss Cards 
Attack Decks (2) 
  24x Attack Challenge Cards 
  10x 10 Commandments Cards 
Defence Decks (2) 
  24x Defence Challenge Cards 
  6x Armour of God Cards 
Utility Decks (2) 
  24x Utility Challenge Cards 
  9x Fruit of the Spirit Cards 
Dice (4) 
  1x 6-sided die 
  (D6 – used for Armour rolls) 
  3x 12-sided dice 
  (D12 – used to represent Boss HP).

Player Armour (36)   
Warrior (6)   
  1x Warrior’s Helmet   
  1x Warrior’s Sword   
  1x Warrior’s Chest Piece   
  1x Warrior’s Trousers   
  1x Warrior’s Shield   
  1x Warrior’s Boots   
Prophet (6)   
  1x Prophet’s Beard   
  1x Prophet’s Cane   
  1x Prophet’s Chest Piece   
  1x Prophet’s Leather Belt/Pants   
  1x Prophet’s Honey   
  1x Prophet’s Sandals


Bard (6)
  1x Bard’s Hat 
  1x Bard’s Soul Patch 
  1x Bard’s Shirt 
  1x Bard’s Pants 
  1x Bard’s Stringed Instrument 
  1x Bard’s Boots 
Archer (6) 
  1x Archer’s Hood 
  1x Archer’s Bow 
  1x Archer’s Shirt 
  1x Archer’s Pants 
  1x Archer’s Arrow 
  1x Archer’s Boots 
Knight (6) 
  1x Knight’s Helmet 
  1x Knight’s Sword 
  1x Knight’s Chest Piece 
  1x Knight’s Trousers 
  1x Knight’s Shield 
  1x Knight’s Boots 
Swordsman (6) 
  1x Swordsman’s Hat 
  1x Swordsman’s Sword 
  1x Swordsman’s Chest Piece 
  1x Swordsman’s Plush Pants 
  1x Swordsman’s Moustache &      Goatee 
  1x Swordsman’s Boots   
Paper Documents (2) 
  1x GM Tally Sheet 
  1x Setup Guide

Class Player Sheets (6)  
  1x Class Player Sheet - Warrior  
  1x Class Player Sheet - Prophet  
  1x Class Player Sheet- Bard  
  1x Class Player Sheet - Archer  
  1x Class Player Sheet - Knight  
  1x Class Player Sheet - Swordsman 

Class Player Markers (6) 
  1x Class Player Marker - Warrior 
  1x Class Player Marker - Prophet 
  1x Class Player Marker - Bard 
  1x Class Player Marker - Archer 
  1x Class Player Marker - Knight 
  1x Class Player Marker - Swordsman 
Tokens (116) 
  24x Heart Health Points (HP) 
  12x Attack Point (ATP) / Might token 
  12x Defence Point (DFP) / Fortitude token 
  12x Utility Point (UTP) / Swiftness token 
Positive Effect Tokens (16 Red) 
  4x General Positive Effect token 
  4x Positive Effect 3 turns token 
  4x Positive Effect 2 turns token 
  4x Positive Effect 1 turn token 
Negative Effect Tokens (40 Black) 
  4x General Negative Effect token 
  4x Negative Effect 3 turns token 
  4x Negative Effect 2 turns token 
  4x Negative Effect 1 turn token 
  6x Death token 
  6x Stun token 
  6x Immobilised token 
  6x Slow token