Losing Your Job Well - Anvil & Hammer Blog

Having recently lost my job as a child and youth minister I have some insights to share with you about my experience and frustrations with job loss and how to combat the depression that seeks to inevitably encroach upon you…

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10 Game Master Tips - Anvil & Hammer Blog

The Game Master is a key role in The Armoury Bible Boardgame. They keep the game moving, interact with players through challenge questions and encourage players to remember the scriptures they have covered as they progress through the game. 

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Make Star Wars Great Again! - Anvil & Hammer Blog

You know Star Wars, right? Those movies full of amazing visual effects and sound, deep and immersive worlds, varying yet complimentary characters and memorable story telling. 

While I’m by no means a Star Wars expert, I am a…

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The Anvil & Hammer Blog / Podcast is the official blog and podcast of The Armoury Bible Boardgame. If you enjoy Theology, Coffee and Geek Culture this content would be right up your street.

Sean and Sarah have covered topics such as

  • Depression
  • Jane Austin
  • Misandry
  • Abortion
  • Presuppositional Apologetics
  • Logic
  • and more!