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Enter The Armoury and put on the Armour of God as you battle Sin, the World and the Devil… 
with friends and family!

The Armoury is a turn-based, Bible teaching Christian boardgame where players fulfil unique roles as they work together to defeat monsters to obtain epic quests!

Designed for your family and suitable for junior and granny alike! With 6 different roles to play, all with strengths and weaknesses, you and your family will have days of enjoyment and teaching adventures together.

If you like The Bible, The Pilgrim's Progress and The Lord of The Rings this would be right up your alley!

Will you heed The King's quest?

Play this Bible Role-Playing Game for King Jesus and for His Glory!

Download the free Starter Kit below.


  • Teach the Bible to all ages
  • Promote scripture memorisation
  • Encourage family devotions
  • Allow personal customisation
  • Develop teamwork
  • Be infinitely replayable


The Armoury Starter Kit.

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What are you waiting for! Visit the Store today and start adventuring in The Armoury with your family.

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How to share with just friends.

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Watch Sean and Sarah play through The Armoury as the Archer and Prophet!

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